Shanto Islam

Associate Software Engineer

Master Class KPI.

graphKPIs is a product of graph-ai, which is very beautiful and powerful KRA & KPI Based Performance Management System Software Solution. In our country Office, corporate house or industrial organization service holder performance is value at by yearly. For this reason though a service holder is well in a fixed period although if he done anything wrong on his performance is at the decrease last period of year his performance of whole year is consider as worse in maximum time. Beside this At present time assessment of performance is a lot of subjective type. We have come with a software solution on performance valuation which is measured objective type. Where result generate system is running on target based valuation procedure.with our software there is a system to valuate employee properly by using numeric value generate. Here result generate by using scorecard principle. Reword and identification of top performer is also generate as same process.By our software result is generate by quarterly performance and at the end of the year final result publish with the sum of all quarter.