• In today‚Äôs dynamic business environment and in the era of knowledge workers, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) has significantly contributed to the effectiveness of an organization. HRIS provides a lot of information to human resources (HR) professionals to become strategic partners with top management and they provide the future needs to the organization. The HRIS directs to make use of the HR functions in a more efficient manner and provides better information for decision making.


  • Every organization is focusing on building a long-term relationship with its customers to maintain stability in the market. And for it, there is a concept called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


  • Supply Chain Management is a methodology of improving the business processes, making them more resilient, more agile and as a result, more competitive. The main function of SCM is to improve the product or service competitiveness. A supply chain deals with the conversion of raw materials into finished goods and timely delivery of the products to end users.


  • The corporate sector plays a vital role in the concerns in investment appraisal, the type of technique is economic outlook of any country. Financial literature the starting point for management. The objectives and suggests that capital structure has a greater impact on the constraints affecting project selection are, therefore, economic system and managers should identify the highly important. Projects are opted on the basis of net ideal corporate structure for the company

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Data Analysis.

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