Vehicle Profile

  • Store comprehensive vehicle information, documents and photos.

Vehicle Requsatation

  • Vehicle Requisition will be given by Driver / Officer and it will go to Reporting Manager / Administrator and he will approve it.

Vehicle Inspection

  • If Inspection of Tires or Parts or Vehicle Disposal is required, Allocation Authority will send it for Inspection after submitting the respective Request. Inspection Authority will check and if Inspection Approves it will go to Maintenance Authority then Maintenance Authority will approve and next it will go to Dispatch Authority Dispatch Authority will inform it in the form of Notification.

Vehicle Disposal

  • If you want to dispose of a car, you will first request for disposal. If the request is accepted, it will go to Inspection. After inspection it will go to Maintenance Department. Once the Maintenance Department completes the Disposal Process, a Notice of Disposal will be generated.

graphVMS Features

Each and every vehical is allocation for which employee that come to know.

In each vehical what type of service are using thats list come to know.