Teacher Management

  • The purpose of Teachers Information System is to have your institute teacher list, teachers profile, academic & employment records, training information and facilitate teachers, students, Institute as well as to maintain academic activities & connect each other through a communication interface. Institute will have access to maintain teacher’s information system through our software system and your organization will avail facility to query / retrieve data from system whenever they need any kind of teacher information.

Class Attendance

  • Take Student Attendance, you can signup and start taking attendance for free in literally less than a couple of minutes. Once you have entered or imported your list of students and classes, taking attendance for each of them is as simple as selecting the class and tapping on each student in the list from any device anywhere.

Content Management

  • graph@Klassroom is a visual collaboration tool used by teachers and professors for easier coursework planning, faculty collaboration, and classroom organization. .

Result Management

  • The days of trouble about results are over, you can easily generate results online and get various reports (automatically generated) very easily.

graphKlassroom Features

Track as many classes and students as you want all in the same place.

Students and parents can be give access to see scores and grades immediately.