Master Planning

  • In businesses with multiple factories, the planning process starts on the high-level planning board, which provides the ‘control tower’ view. This allows the Master Planner to manage total demand (forecast and confirmed orders) and capacity, and have a consolidated picture of materials and pre-production activities across the business.

Line Level Planning

  • Highly visual, drag and drop planning of the main manufacturing process (typically sewing), using standard minutes, efficiency profiles and start up. Another planning schedules for supporting processes (e.g. embroidery, printing), are automatically and dynamically driven by the sewing plan.

Washing Planning

  • graphWashPlan is a washing planning visual tool, where different statuses are determined by color matching with different washing processes. Detailed washing process levels can be planned by considering the status of various order types. Where processes and process efficiency are measured and chemical requirements can be determined according to process requirements. Chemicals can be planned accordingly. By monitoring the capacity of the given operations against the load in the operations associated with the washing plan, schedules can be planned for pre- and post-washing operations with capacity.

Chemical Planning

  • According to the wash planning of each order, the amount of chemical needed according to the recipes of the style of that order will be visualized on this board. How long the chemical stored in inventory can be washed can be forecasted and if any chemical is insufficient, there will be visualization on the board. A schedule can be generated of how much chemical a chemical group needs every day.

graphPlanningoo Features

A need to improve On Time Delivery Performance (OTDP%).

Multi-level capacity planning at both factory and detailed line/machine level.