Master Planning

  • Process Wise vs Day Wise Date Visualization on Planning Board for Wash Planning of all Orders in coming months. Every day it is confirmed what order is running in which process. System will give red notification if there is excess load of capacity. Day Wise will know the capacity and work load of each process.

High Level Planning

  • Looking for a way to get a clear overview of multiple orders running simultaneously? Want to see where your orders stand at a glance without having to follow multiple boards? A top-level board allows you to add multiple different boards to help you see an overview of the work you and your team are doing. Top level boards display what works for a monthly/quarterly, phase, client, project or team. Simply put a high level board is your first step towards developing a streamlined work flow. A high-level board can benefit your company by giving all your team members a better understanding of the overall goals and objectives.

Delivery Planning

  • On this board, you can plan the amount of wash on a specific date for each order. If the planned quantity is more than the capacity of that day, RED Notification will appear on the board and the board can be adjusted. The system will automatically propose how many New / Ordinary Operators or how many New Machines will be required or how much SAM Sub-Contact will be required. The system will generate the Secondary Planning Board with the proposed data. If you double click on the Quantity Field of each process, you will know what process will be run for that order on that day.

Chemical Planning

  • According to the wash planning of each order, the amount of chemical needed according to the recipes of the style of that order will be visualized on this board. How long the chemical stored in inventory can be washed can be forecasted and if any chemical is insufficient, there will be visualization on the board. A schedule can be generated of how much chemical a chemical group needs every day.

graphWashplan Features

Washing capacity can be monitored and properly managed.

All production and planning information is available from the central source.