• Commercial software is any software or program that is designed and developed for sales to end users or that serves a commercial purpose. Commercial software is basically, a software that provides helping hand in organizing commercial data and information regarding L/C tasks, License, Work Order, Export, Import, Report like Back to Back Liability Coverage Report, Monthly Export Import etc.

Order Management

  • Buyer Purchase Order import facility in Garments ERP.
  • Role & right based viewing of the Buyer Purchase Order in Style.
  • Color and Size wise quantities of the Style visible to Planning and Merchandizing
  • Multiple Destinations Purchase Order


  • Quick visibility to material requirements and inventory in warehouses or goods on-order.
  • View Fulfillment Options to efficiently utilize available stock.
  • Track Deliveries & Shipments (including partial) against POs.
  • Supplier PO confirmations.
  • PO rates and product costs validated against Cost Sheets

Production Planning

  • Plan factory wise line wise man hours Man Hours Booked and Available.
  • Month wise Buyer wise Year Projection Report.
  • Factory wise Line wise Style Allocation Tool.
  • Manage Order Specific components and Material Consumptions.
  • Calculate/Plan and Allocate materials

graphRMG Features

Business relation can be strong between customer's and suppliers.

You can see each and every transaction history.